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How Much Does RE/MAX Pay Compared To A 100 Percent Commission Broker ?

But, but I thought Re/Max paid the highest commission ?

In this blog we're going to compare a one hundred percent commission virtual online flat fee California brokerage to RE/MAX. Ok, now that I got my keywords out of the way, onto the article.

Many realtors believe RE/MAX is a 100% commission brokerage. Lets take a close look and maybe do some Re/Max bubble popping and see if that's really true.

Let's start off mentioning that new agents at R/M start out on a 50/50 split. After that, every agent is going to be on a different commission split. So instead of going through a bunch of complicated percentage figures on how much commission R/M takes out, lets just keep it simple and just look at the all the fees they charge. Following is a quote I found on a real estate discussion board directly from a R/M agent; "My desk fee is $14,000 a year and my split is 95/5, so is costs me $19,000 ($14,000k desk fee + $5,000 commission split) for the first $100k I make." So this R/M agent gets to look forward to paying out a cool $14,000 a year for his desk, not to mention the other additional fees R/M tacks on for advertising, etc.. Yikes ! For $14,000 a year I sure hope that desk is made of gold. On top of all that he still needs to give another 5% of his commission for every transaction he does to the broker !

Now let's look at how much that same agent woud pay with the CURB business model.

Desk fee: $0

Advertising fee: $0

Franchise fee: $0

Commission split to agent: 100%

Please do the math and decide which business model works best for you.

Ronny Santana - Broker / Owner


California's Premier 100% Commission Brokerage

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