You can park and refer your license immediately and stop paying all real estate board fees today!

It is NOT necessary for your current broker to release your license. Call us if you have questions: 888-279-4230 

Simply follow these 2 easy steps to join:

Fill out the CURB Membership Application below. After we review your information
you will receive a welcome email from CURB within 24 hours confirming that your membership is complete. Please also complete Step 2 (below) the same day.
(Call for password: 888-279-4230 x 1)
100% Commission Real Estate Brokers California

• Complete the TREC1 form  (form is PDF fillable)


• Upload the TREC1 form to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission website

  (If you don't have an online profile with the TREC you'll need to create one


• After signing in, go to "Manage your license information"


• In the "Choose Application" drop down menu on the right, scroll down to   



• At the "File Attachments" page, in the "Attachments List" drop down menu,   

  scroll down to "TREC Form"  


• You are only required to upload the TREC1 form, no other forms are 



• New Licensee's; add the following information to your Examination Results 

  form: Firm: CURB Side  Firm License: 264741

  Principal Broker Name: Ronny Santana   Principal Broker License #: 335684

  After adding above information, please email to:

  so we can sign it and send it back to you.

  For online issues changing your license please contact TREC: 

  800-342-4031 or

Proof of E&O Insurance

When processing your license with TREC, they will require you to provide proof of E&O insurance. The state of Tennessee does not accept a real estate brokerages E&O insurance policy as exclusive coverage for its real estate affiliate brokers. In order for Tennessee real estate broker affiliates to be in compliance with the State of Tennessee insurance requirements, TREC requires that all broker affiliates obtain their own independent E&O insurance policy. Email copy of policy to:


All done and welcome aboard !