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Why Are 100% Commission Brokerages So Popular Now ?

Nowadays if you take a look inside any real estate office you will find it mostly void of agents, because most realtors now work from home. ..Why is that ? The internet has leveled the playing field of available information, so now old traditional real estate companies really no longer have anything to offer agents that requires them being part of an office or brokerage. Which is why giving a large part of your commission away to a broker is no longer necessary !

Empty real estate offices are merely evidence of the old traditional way of doing real estate having finally caught up with technology, and virtual online brokers are now filling the need for agents to be able to work exclusively from home without all the constraints of a traditional broker.

Remember the old days of going to a travel agents office with posters of exotic travel destinations on the wall to book a vacation ? Now we sit at home and click the mouse to do the same thing. And now real estate buyers, sellers, and agents are also doing real estate entirely online as well.

If you think about it, real estate was one of the last business models to acquiesce to the online format. Heck, people are even doing doctor appointments online now ! So it should come as no surprise that the internet has ushered the real estate industry into the modern day online business model and the real estate agents that join these flat fee brokerages are the beneficiaries.

Ronny Santana - Broker / Owner


California's Premier 100% Commission Brokerage

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