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100% Commission Brokerage ? ..But My Broker Gives Me Training !

A one hundred percent commission flat fee agency is great, but what about training ?

Some new real estate agents try to reason that working with a traditional style brokerage and paying thousands and thousands of dollars of their commission, is for the training the old school style brokerages offer. At CURB we've got that objection covered. We provide one-on-one teaching for our Realtors, specifically how to market themselves and stand out from the sea of other Realtors, All at no cost to our agents.

Furthermore, if you desire even more training, consider this: if you just do 1 single transaction on say a $500,000 property, your commission will be $15,000. Out of your $15,000 you have to give 15% ~ 50% ($2,250 ~ $4,500) of your money to your broker for training. The actual price for one of the top agent training companies is only $439. On just one single transaction, the $2,250 ~ $4,500 you give to your broker, you could probably have your own private coach come to your house and personally train you !

Think about this; if you sell only 7 homes a year; that equals $15,750 ~ $31,500 of your money your paying for your offices training. How much training can you buy from a top of the line private professional real estate coach with $15,750 ~ $31,500 a year ? It doesn’t take much to figure out paying $439 for your own professional coach and spending the $15,000 ~ $30,000 on a first class round-the-world cruise for two would be the better option.

Also consider, the traditional training you are getting from your traditional broker is the exact same training being given to all the other agents in your office, as well as all the agents in EVERY one of their offices. How is that going to help you stand out from the thousands of other agents being “trained” the exact same way as you ? Think and be independent, join a 100% commission brokerage today !

Ronny Santana - Broker / Owner


California's Premier 100% Commission Brokerage

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